Kylin provides a script for you to create a sample Cube; the script will also create three sample hive tables:

  1. Run ${KYLIN_HOME}/bin/ ; Restart kylin server to flush the caches;
  2. Logon Kylin web with default user ADMIN/KYLIN, select project “learn_kylin” in the project dropdown list (left upper corner);
  3. Select the sample cube “kylin_sales_cube”, click “Actions” -> “Build”, pick up a date later than 2014-01-01 (to cover all 10000 sample records);
  4. Check the build progress in “Monitor” tab, until 100%;
  5. Execute SQLs in the “Insight” tab, for example:
    select part_dt, sum(price) as total_selled, count(distinct seller_id) as sellers from kylin_sales group by part_dt order by part_dt
  6. You can verify the query result and compare the response time with hive;

What’s next

You can create another cube with the sample tables, by following the tutorials.