Here are some tips for you when encountering problems with Kylin:
 1. Use search engines (Google / Baidu), Kylin’s Mailing List Archives, the Kylin Project on the Apache JIRA to seek a solution.
 2. Browse Kylin’s official website, especially the Docs page and the FAQ page.
 3. Send an email to Apache Kylin dev or user mailing list:,; before sending, please make sure you have subscribed the mailing list by dropping an email to or Your email is supposed to include: the version numbers of Kylin and other components you are using in your env, the log of the error message, the SQL (if you got the query error).
There is an article about How to ask a question in a smart way.

To facilitate editing and updating, kylin 4.X FAQ are collected in the Apache kylin wiki, where you may can find out the answers you need:
Apache Kylin4.0 FAQ