Kylin need run in a Hadoop node, to get better stability, we suggest you to deploy it a pure Hadoop client machine, on which it the command lines like hive, hbase, hadoop, hdfs already be installed and configured. The Linux account that running Kylin has got permission to the Hadoop cluster, including create/write hdfs, hive tables, hbase tables and submit MR jobs.

  • Hadoop: 2.6 - 2.7
  • Hive: 0.13 - 1.2.1
  • HBase: 0.98 - 0.99, 1.x
  • JDK: 1.7+

Tested with Hortonworks HDP 2.2 and Cloudera Quickstart VM 5.1. Windows and MacOS have known issues.

To make things easier we strongly recommend you try Kylin with an all-in-one sandbox VM, like HDP sandbox, and give it 10 GB memory. In the following tutorial we’ll go with Hortonworks Sandbox 2.1 and Cloudera QuickStart VM 5.1.

To avoid permission issue in the sandbox, you can use its root account. The password for Hortonworks Sandbox 2.1 is hadoop , for Cloudera QuickStart VM 5.1 is cloudera.

We also suggest you using bridged mode instead of NAT mode in Virtual Box settings. Bridged mode will assign your sandbox an independent IP address so that you can avoid issues like this.

Start Hadoop

Use ambari helps to launch hadoop:

ambari-agent start
ambari-server start

With both command successfully run you can go to ambari homepage at http://your_sandbox_ip:8080 (user:admin,password:admin) to check everything’s status. By default hortonworks ambari disables Hbase, you need manually start the Hbase service at ambari homepage.

start hbase in ambari

Additonal Info for setting up Hortonworks Sandbox on Virtual Box

Please make sure Hbase Master port [Default 60000] and Zookeeper [Default 2181] is forwarded to Host OS.