Cube Build

First of all, make sure that you have authority of the cube you want to build.

  1. In Models page, click the Action drop down button in the right of a cube column and select operation Build.

  2. There is a pop-up window after the selection, click END DATE input box to select end date of this incremental cube build.

  3. Click Submit to send the build request. After success, you will see the new job in the Monitor page.

  4. The new job is in “pending” status; after a while, it will be started to run and you will see the progress by refresh the web page or click the refresh button.

  5. Wait the job to finish. In the between if you want to discard it, click Actions -> Discard button.

  6. After the job is 100% finished, the cube’s status becomes to “Ready”, means it is ready to serve SQL queries. In the Model tab, find the cube, click cube name to expand the section, in the “HBase” tab, it will list the cube segments. Each segment has a start/end time; Its underlying HBase table information is also listed.

If you have more source data, repeate the steps above to build them into the cube.

Job Monitoring

In the Monitor page, click the job detail button to see detail information show in the right side.

The detail information of a job provides a step-by-step record to trace a job. You can hover a step status icon to see the basic status and information.

Click the icon buttons showing in each step to see the details: Parameters, Log, MRJob.

  • Parameters

  • Log

  • MRJob(MapReduce Job)