1. Authentication

  • Currently, Kylin uses basic authentication.
  • Add Authorization header to first request for authentication
  • Or you can do a specific request by POST http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/user/authentication
  • Once authenticated, client can go subsequent requests with cookies.
POST http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/user/authentication
Authorization:Basic xxxxJD124xxxGFxxxSDF
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

2. Get details of cube.

  • GET http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/cubes?cubeName={cube_name}&limit=15&offset=0
  • Client can find cube segment date ranges in returned cube detail.
GET http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/cubes?cubeName=test_kylin_cube_with_slr&limit=15&offset=0

Authorization:Basic xxxxJD124xxxGFxxxSDF
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

3. Then submit a build job of the cube.

  • PUT http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/cubes/{cube_name}/rebuild
  • For put request body detail please refer to Build Cube API.
    • startTime and endTime should be utc timestamp.
    • buildType can be BUILD ,MERGE or REFRESH. BUILD is for building a new segment, REFRESH for refreshing an existing segment. MERGE is for merging multiple existing segments into one bigger segment.
  • This method will return a new created job instance, whose uuid is the unique id of job to track job status.
PUT http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/cubes/test_kylin_cube_with_slr/rebuild

Authorization:Basic xxxxJD124xxxGFxxxSDF
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
    "startTime": 0,
    "endTime": 1388563200000,
    "buildType": "BUILD"

4. Track job status.

  • GET http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/jobs/{job_uuid}
  • Returned job_status represents current status of job.

5. If the job got errors, you can resume it.

  • PUT http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/jobs/{job_uuid}/resume

6. Adjust the cuboid list of a cube and trigger optimize segment job

  • PUT http://localhost:7070/kylin/api/cubes/{cube_name}/optimize2