Project Dependencies

  • npm: used in development phase to install grunt and bower
  • grunt: build and set up kylin web
  • bower: manage kylin tech dependencies

Tech Dependencies

  • Angular JS: fundamental support of kylin web
  • ACE: sql and json editor
  • D3 JS: draw report chart and cube graph
  • Bootstrap: css lib

Supported Use Cases:

Kylin web supports needs of various of roles in BI workflow.
  • Analyst: Run query and checkout results
  • Modeler: cube design, cube/job operation and monitor
  • Admin: system operation.

Tech Overview

Kylin web is a one-page application build on top of restful services. Kylin web uses tools from nodejs to manage project and use AngularJS to enable one-page web app. Kylin web uses popular techs from js opensource community making it easy to catch up and contribute.


  • Query utility functions:
    • SQL auto-suggestions on table and column name
    • Query remote/local save.
    • Data grid supporting million level data with easy BI operations
    • Data export
    • Simple data visualization(line, bar, pie)
  • Cube management:
    • Well-designed cube creation flow
    • Visualization of cube relational structure
    • Well-designed cube access management
  • Job management:
    • Job steps and log monitor
    • Kill
    • Resume
  • Useful admin tools
  • Refined look & feel