The broad standard

This article will show you how to become an Apache Committer; in simple terms, it can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Understand and agree with Apache’s way of working and idea (Apache Way) and use it to work with others;
  2. Participate in the project, you can start with contributing documents, answering community questions (courtesy), contributing patches, etc. At this time, you are a contributor;
  3. Be an expert in a module of an open source project, able to contribute code, add test cases and not break other people’s functions, and establish good mutual trust with other committers;

In addition, these behaviours are best voluntary. Candidates love the project and are self-motivated, treating the project as their own.

If you do all or most of the above, then the next step is to find a project PMC willing to nominate you as a committer. He needs to state your contribution to all PMCs and get at least 3 +1 votes.

In short, Apache emphasizes “Community over code” (community first, better than code), you need to establish influence and voice in the Kylin community, speak boldly, let others recognize your contribution, and are willing to build trust with you. Being a committer is a matter of coexistence of honour and responsibility; becoming a committer is not an end, but a higher starting point.