Kylin Branches for Different HBase Versions

Because HBase API diverges based on versions and vendors, different code branches have to be maintained for different HBase versions.

The branching design is

  • The master branch compiles with HBase 0.98, and is also the main branch for development. All bug fixes and new features commits to master only.
  • The master-hbase1.x branch compiles with HBase 1.x. This branch is created by applying one patch on top of master. In other word, master-hbase1.x = master + a patch to support HBase 1.x.
  • Similarly, there is master-cdh5.7 = master-hbase1.x + a patch to support CDH 5.7.
  • No code changes should happen on master-hbase1.x and master-cdh5.7 directly (apart from the last commit on the branch that adapts HBase calls).

There is a script helps to keep these branches in sync: dev-support/