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Install on Apache Hadoop Platform

Prepare Environment

First, make sure you allocate sufficient resources for the environment. Please refer to Prerequisites for detailed resource requirements for Kylin. Moreover, please ensure that HDFS, YARN, Hive, ZooKeeper and other components are in normal state without any warning information.

Apache Hadoop Supported Version

Following Apache Hadoop versions are supported by Kylin:

  • Apache Hadoop 3.2.1

Note:The Apache Hadoop 3.2.1 environment with Kerberos is not currently supported.

Additional configuration required for Apache Hadoop version

Add the following two configurations in $KYLIN_HOME/conf/

  • kylin.env.apache-hadoop-conf-dir Hadoop conf directory in Hadoop environment
  • kylin.env.apache-hive-conf-dir Hive conf directory in Hadoop environment

Jar package required by Apache Hadoop version

In Apache Hadoop 3.2.1, you also need to prepare the MySQL JDBC driver in the operating environment of Kylin.

Here is a download link for the jar file package of the MySQL 8.0 JDBC driver: You need to prepare the other versions of the driver yourself.Please place the JDBC driver of the corresponding version of MySQL in the $KYLIN_HOME/lib/ext directory.

Install Kylin

After setting up the environment, please refer to Quick Start to continue.