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Apache Kylin Mailing List

These are the mailing lists that have been established for this project. For each list, there is a subscribe, unsubscribe, and an archive link.

Name Subscribe Unsubscribe Post Archive
User Mailing List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post mail-archives.apache.org
Developers Mailing List Subscribe Unsubscribe Post mail-archives.apache.org
Issues Mailing List Subscribe Unsubscribe N/A mail-archives.apache.org
Commits Mailing List Subscribe Unsubscribe N/A mail-archives.apache.org

Mailing List Archives

For convenience, there’s a forum style mailing list archives which not part of offical Apache archives:

Social Media

The official Kylin Twitter account: @ApacheKylin

Community Activity Report

Apache Kylin Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code, provide project mentorship, or author documentation. Others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

PMC Members & Committer

Name Apache ID Github Role
George Song (宋轶) yisong PMC
Henry Saputra hsaputra Mentor
Hongbin Ma (马洪宾) mahongbin PMC
Jason Zhong (仲俭) zhongjian PMC
Julian Hyde jhyde Mentor
Luke Han (韩卿) (Chair) lukehan PMC
Owen O’Malley omalley Mentor
P. Taylor Goetz ptgoetz Mentor
Qianhao Zhou (周千昊) qhzhou PMC
Ted Dunning tdunning Champion
Shaofeng Shi (史少锋) shaofengshi PMC
Xiaodong Duo (朵晓东) xduo Emeritus PMC
Ankur Bansal abansal Emeritus PMC
Xu Jiang (蒋旭) jiangxu PMC
Yang Li (李扬) liyang PMC
Dayue Gao (高大月) gaodayue PMC
Hua Huang (黄桦) hhuang PMC
Dong Li (李栋) lidong PMC
Xiaoyu Wang (王晓雨) wangxiaoyu PMC
Yerui Sun (孙业锐) sunyerui PMC
Luwei Chen (陈露薇) chenluwei committer
Yanghong Zhong (钟阳红) nju_yaho committer
Billy Liu (刘一鸣) billyliu PMC
Kaisen Kang (康凯森) kangkaisen committer
Alberto Ramón alb committer
Roger Shi (施继承) sjc committer
Zhixiong Chen (陈志雄) chen committer
Cheng Wang (王成) wormhole committer
Guosheng Lu (陆国圣) boblu committer
Jianhua Peng (彭建华) pengjianhua committer
Julian Pan (潘俍欣) julianpan committer
Yu Feng (冯宇) fengyu committer

Detailed committee info is here.
Detailed code contribution is here.

Other contributors

Name Github  
Rui Feng fengrui129 Website Design, Kylin Logo
Luffy Xiao luffy-xiao Kylin Web application, REST service
Kejia Wang Kejia-Wang Web aplication, Website
Yue Yang   Web aplication UI design