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Companies & Organizations

  • eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY)
    • Apache Kylin is used at eBay for Big Data Analytics on Hadoop. This powers various data products including Behavior Analytics, Traffic Reporting, Account Manager Application and Streaming Dashboard.
  • JD.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: JD)
    • Apache Kylin as Data Analytics Engine to analysis JOS API access behavior and report in JCloud.
  • MiningLAMP
    • Apache Kylin is part of MiningLAMP’s Big Data Analytics product offering OLAP capability for customers from Banking, Finance and others industuies.
  • Meituan.com (CrunchBase:Meituan.com)
    • Apache Kylin is powering various OLAP scenarios at Meituan’s Data Platform, such as traffic analysis and payment channel analysis. It’s quite stable and super fast. We are very willing to try Kylin on other product as well.
  • VIP.com (NYSE: VIPS)
    • Apache Kylin is used at VIP.com’s big data self-service analysis platform. Apache Kylin gives us a new option to make user experience more ad-hoc friendly and give us the opportunity to introduce Cube back to Big Data.
  • DreamSoft
    • DreamSoft is using Apache Kylin as Big Data Analytics Engine for their customers coming from Retail, Manufacturing, Finance and others.
  • Exponential
    • Using Kylin as a component in it’s data platform LAMBDA to power inventory, campaign, behavior and demand analysis for advertising. It has been great at handling the size and speed constraints of old gen systems. With the first version already in production, we are looking forward to pushing more data into kylin and achieve near real time updates.
  • Baidu Map (NASDAQ: BIDU)
    • Apache Kylin is used for analysis Baidu Map’s huge amounts of data about users, channels and etc, it performs quite fast with its own pre-calculation and index technologies along with the cubes.
  • NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES)
    • Apache Kylin has been introduced as an OLAP engine for the data platform at NetEase, powering data analysis for various products & business with great performance.
  • glispa
    • glispa is using Apache Kylin as an OLAP component within its data management platform. It enabled us to meet latency requirements for real time analytics over big amounts of data. That helps our data scientists and analysts make sense of the DMP’s incomprehensible data in a quick ad-hoc manner.