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Apache Kylin v1.5.1 Release Announcement

The Apache Kylin community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Kylin v1.5.1.

Apache Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine designed to provide SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop supporting extremely large datasets, original contributed from eBay Inc.

To download Apache Kylin v1.5.1 source code or binary package:
please visit the download page.

This is a major release which brings more stable, robust and well management version, Apache Kylin community resolved about 37 issues including bug fixes, improvements, and few new features.

Change Highlights

New Feature

  • Kylin support detail data query from fact table KYLIN-1122
  • Add UI for TopN measure KYLIN-1378
  • Custom dimension encoding KYLIN-1492
  • Metadata upgrade from 1.0~1.3 to 1.5, including metadata correction, relevant tools, etc. KYLIN-1495
  • Run some classes at the beginning of kylin server startup KYLIN-1501
  • Print version information with kylin.sh KYLIN-1503
  • Add smoke test scripts KYLIN-1531
  • Cube specific config, override global kylin.properties KYLIN-1534
  • REST API for deleting segment KYLIN-1540
  • IntegerDimEnc, custom dimension encoding for integers KYLIN-1541
  • Tool to dump information for diagnosis KYLIN-1546
  • Persist some recent bad query KYLIN-1550


  • Use InstallShield 2015 to generate ODBC Driver setup files KYLIN-1490
  • cube desc signature not calculated correctly KYLIN-1498
  • streaming_fillgap cause out of memory KYLIN-1500
  • When cube is not empty, only signature consistent cube desc updates are allowed KYLIN-1502
  • Use NavigableSet to store rowkey and use prefix filter to check resource path prefix instead String comparison on tomcat side KYLIN-1504
  • Combine guava filters with Predicates.and KYLIN-1505
  • GTFilterScanner performance tuning KYLIN-1543
  • Enhance the check on aggregation group dimension number KYLIN-1557


  • need to encode export query url to get right result in query page KYLIN-1373
  • Kylin Job Monitor API: /kylin/api/jobs is too slow in large kylin deployment KYLIN-1434
  • Export csv get error when there is a plus sign in the sql KYLIN-1472
  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Too many digits for NumberDictionary KYLIN-1486
  • Should return base cuboid as valid cuboid if no aggregation group matches KYLIN-1491
  • make ExecutableManager.getInstance thread safe KYLIN-1493
  • Make three class.getInstance thread safe KYLIN-1497
  • Couldn’t find hive dependency jar on some platform like CDH KYLIN-1507
  • Time partitioning doesn’t work across multiple days KYLIN-1513
  • MD5 validation of Tomcat does not work when package tar KYLIN-1514
  • Couldn’t refresh a cube segment whose start time is before 1970-01-01 KYLIN-1521
  • HLLC is incorrect when result is feed from cache KYLIN-1522
  • Get “java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.Long” error when Top-N metris data type is BigInt KYLIN-1524
  • Columns with all NULL values can’t be queried KYLIN-1527
  • Failed to create flat hive table, when name is too long KYLIN-1537
  • DoubleDeltaSerializer cause obvious error after deserialize and serialize KYLIN-1538
  • Cannot find rowkey column “COL_NAME” in cube CubeDesc KYLIN-1553
  • Unclosed table in BuildCubeWithEngine#checkHFilesInHBase() KYLIN-1564


Data and metadata of this version is back compatible with v1.5.0, but may need to redeploy hbase coprocessor.


Any issue or question, please
open JIRA to Kylin project: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN/
send mail to Apache Kylin dev mailing list: dev@kylin.apache.org

Great thanks to everyone who contributed!