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Apache Kylin v1.3.0 Release Announcement

The Apache Kylin community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Kylin v1.3.0, the second release after graduation.

Apache Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine designed to provide SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop supporting extremely large datasets, original contributed from eBay Inc.

To download Apache Kylin v1.3.0 source code or binary package:
please visit the download page.

This is a major release which brings more stable, robust and well management version, Apache Kylin community resolved about 57 issues including bug fixes, improvements, and few new features.

Change Highlights

New Feature


  • HiveColumnCardinalityJob should use configurations in conf/kylin_job_conf.xml KYLIN-955
  • Support kerberos authentication while getting status from RM KYLIN-1014
  • Load hive tables with selecting mode KYLIN-1074
  • Hive dependencies should be add to tmpjars KYLIN-1082
  • make filtering input easier in creating cube KYLIN-1132
  • Enhance project level ACL KYLIN-1201
  • Add ‘Enable Cache’ button in System page KYLIN-1211
  • Cube ACL does not work KYLIN-1234
  • Fix link and typo in README KYLIN-1240
  • In query window, enable fast copy&paste by double clicking tables/columns’ names. KYLIN-1244
  • get cubes API update - offset,limit not required KYLIN-1246
  • add toggle event for tree label KYLIN-1251
  • Change font/background color of job progress KYLIN-1259
  • Enhance DeployCoprocessorCLI to support Cube level filter KYLIN-1312
  • Kill underlying running hadoop job while discard a job KYLIN-1317
  • Improve performance of converting data to hfile KYLIN-1323
  • Kylin Entity Permission Control KYLIN-1333
  • Upgrade calcite version to 1.6 KYLIN-1343
  • Kylin ACL enhancement KYLIN-1365
  • JDBC Driver is not generic to restAPI json result KYLIN-1368


  • Calcite throws “java.lang.Float cannot be cast to java.lang.Double” error while executing SQL KYLIN-918
  • select [MeasureCol] from [FactTbl] is not supported KYLIN-1075
  • Cannot have comments in the end of New Query textbox KYLIN-1078
  • Long dimension value cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException KYLIN-1104
  • can not see project options after clear brower cookie and cache KYLIN-1110
  • problem about kylin web UI KYLIN-1159
  • Remove “Back to My Cubes” link in non-edit mode KYLIN-1214
  • minor, update website member’s info on community page KYLIN-1215
  • When CubeMigrationCLI copied ACL from one env to another, it may not work KYLIN-1230
  • redirect to home page when input invalid url KYLIN-1236
  • Got NPE when discarding a job KYLIN-1250
  • cube model will be overridden while creating a new cube with the same name KYLIN-1254
  • Job status labels are not in same style KYLIN-1260
  • Query from JDBC is partial results by default KYLIN-1274
  • Wrong label in Dialog CUBE REFRESH CONFIRM KYLIN-1316
  • UI create model: Press enter will go back to pre step KYLIN-1330
  • UI Delete Aggregation Groups: cursor disappeared after delete 1 dimension KYLIN-1331
  • Typo in doc KYLIN-1342
  • Couldn’t edit a cube if it has no “partition date” set KYLIN-1354
  • Query using PrepareStatement failed with multi OR clause KYLIN-1372
  • minor bug in BigDecimalSerializer - avoidVerbose should be incremented each time when input scale is larger than given scale KYLIN-1396
  • kylin.metadata.url with hbase namespace problem KYLIN-1400
  • StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Kylin Hive Column Cardinality Job KYLIN-1402
  • Widget width of “Partition date column” is too small to select KYLIN-1412
  • NullPointerException occurs when query from subqueries with order by KYLIN-1419
  • HBase size precision issue KYLIN-1423
  • For setting Auto Merge Time Ranges, before sending them to backend, the related time ranges should be sorted increasingly KYLIN-1443
  • Kylin should throw error if HIVE_CONF dir cannot be found KYLIN-1445
  • Shouldn’t use “1970-01-01” as the default end date KYLIN-1456
  • Some environment variables are not used in bin/kylin.sh [KYLIN-1466](https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN-1466)
  • Hive dependency jars are hard coded in test KYLIN-1469


  • Disable PrintResult in KylinQueryTest KYLIN-1335


We recommend to upgrade to this version for better performance, stability and bug fixes.
Also to keep up to date with community with latest features and supports.


Any issue or question during upgrade, please
open JIRA to Kylin project: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN/
send mail to Apache Kylin dev mailing list: dev@kylin.apache.org

Great thanks to everyone who contributed!