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Apache Kylin supports Tableau 9 and MS Excel, Power BI now

Apache Kylin Community has rolled out an updated ODBC Driver (v1.2), which enforced more support for Business Intelligence clients, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau 9. This update did bring more convenience and selectivity for analysts and end users.

MS Excel and Power BI

Microsoft Excel is one of the most famous data tool on Windows platform, and has plenty of data analyzing functions. With Power Query installed as plug-in, excel can easily read data from ODBC data source and fill spreadsheets.

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool providing rich functionality and experience for data visualization and processing to user.

Tableau 9

Tableau is one of the most famous business intelligence software on Windows platform. With simple operation and powerful functionality, users can easily drag and drop to visualize data in large scale. Besides, Tableau supports reading ODBC data sources, in a Live connection mode. In latest version 9.1, user experience gets improved greatly.

Support from Kylin community

There are many requirements from eBay and other users who are using Kylin today, especially from analysts who uses these tools everyday. The slow query performance while interacting with big data on Hadoop through other tool, like Hive, brings big challenge for them.
With sub-seconds query latency feature of Apache Kylin platform, analysts are able to run interactive query against billions rows data in seconds, with these fancy reporting and visualization tools.


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