Apache Kylin™ Technical Blog

Release v0.7.1-incubating

Apache Kylin v0.7.1-incubating has rolled out on June 10, 2015. This is also the first Apache release after join incubating.

To download this release, please visit: http://kylin.apache.org/download/, there are source code package, binary package, ODBC driver and installation guide avaliable.

Any problem or issue, please send to Apache Kylin mailing list: dev@kylin.apache.org

Or, report to Apache Kylin JIRA project: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KYLIN

Main Changes:

  • Package renamed from com.kylinolap to org.apache.kylin
  • Code cleaned up to apply Apache License policy
  • Easy install and setup with bunch of scripts and automation
  • Job engine refactor to be generic job manager for all jobs, and improved efficiency
  • Support Hive database other than ‘default’
  • JDBC driver avaliable for client to interactive with Kylin server
  • Binary pacakge avaliable download

New Feature

* [KYLIN-327] - Binary distribution 
* [KYLIN-368] - Move MailService to Common module
* [KYLIN-540] - Data model upgrade for legacy cube descs
* [KYLIN-576] - Refactor expansion rate expression


* [KYLIN-361] - Rename package name with Apache Kylin
* [KYLIN-531] - Rename package name to org.apache.kylin
* [KYLIN-533] - Job Engine Refactoring
* [KYLIN-585] - Simplify deployment
* [KYLIN-586] - Add Apache License header in each source file
* [KYLIN-587] - Remove hard copy of javascript libraries
* [KYLIN-624] - Add dimension and metric info into DataModel
* [KYLIN-650] - Move all document from github wiki to code repository (using md file)
* [KYLIN-669] - Release v0.7.1 as first apache release


* [KYLIN-670] - Update pom with "incubating" in version number
* [KYLIN-737] - Generate and sign release package for review and vote
* [KYLIN-795] - Release after success vote


* [KYLIN-132] - Job framework
* [KYLIN-194] - Dict & ColumnValueContainer does not support number comparison, they do string comparison right now
* [KYLIN-220] - Enable swap column of Rowkeys in Cube Designer
* [KYLIN-230] - Error when create HTable
* [KYLIN-255] - Error when a aggregated function appear twice in select clause
* [KYLIN-383] - Sample Hive EDW database name should be replaced by "default" in the sample
* [KYLIN-399] - refreshed segment not correctly published to cube
* [KYLIN-412] - No exception or message when sync up table which can't access
* [KYLIN-421] - Hive table metadata issue
* [KYLIN-436] - Can't sync Hive table metadata from other database rather than "default"
* [KYLIN-508] - Too high cardinality is not suitable for dictionary!
* [KYLIN-509] - Order by on fact table not works correctly
* [KYLIN-517] - Always delete the last one of Add Lookup page buttom even if deleting the first join condition
* [KYLIN-524] - Exception will throw out if dimension is created on a lookup table, then deleting the lookup table.
* [KYLIN-547] - Create cube failed if column dictionary sets false and column length value greater than 0
* [KYLIN-556] - error tip enhance when cube detail return empty
* [KYLIN-570] - Need not to call API before sending login request
* [KYLIN-571] - Dimensions lost when creating cube though Joson Editor
* [KYLIN-572] - HTable size is wrong
* [KYLIN-581] - unable to build cube
* [KYLIN-583] - Dependency of Hive conf/jar in II branch will affect auto deploy
* [KYLIN-588] - Error when run package.sh
* [KYLIN-593] - angular.min.js.map and angular-resource.min.js.map are missing in kylin.war
* [KYLIN-594] - Making changes in build and packaging with respect to apache release process
* [KYLIN-595] - Kylin JDBC driver should not assume Kylin server listen on either 80 or 443
* [KYLIN-605] - Issue when install Kylin on a CLI which does not have yarn Resource Manager
* [KYLIN-614] - find hive dependency shell fine is unable to set the hive dependency correctly
* [KYLIN-615] - Unable add measures in Kylin web UI
* [KYLIN-619] - Cube build fails with hive+tez
* [KYLIN-620] - Wrong duration number
* [KYLIN-621] - SecurityException when running MR job
* [KYLIN-627] - Hive tables' partition column was not sync into Kylin
* [KYLIN-628] - Couldn't build a new created cube
* [KYLIN-629] - Kylin failed to run mapreduce job if there is no mapreduce.application.classpath in mapred-site.xml
* [KYLIN-630] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when merge cube segments 
* [KYLIN-638] - kylin.sh stop not working
* [KYLIN-639] - Get "Table 'xxxx' not found while executing SQL" error after a cube be successfully built
* [KYLIN-640] - sum of float not working
* [KYLIN-642] - Couldn't refresh cube segment
* [KYLIN-643] - JDBC couldn't connect to Kylin: "java.sql.SQLException: Authentication Failed"
* [KYLIN-644] - join table as null error when build the cube
* [KYLIN-652] - Lookup table alias will be set to null
* [KYLIN-657] - JDBC Driver not register into DriverManager
* [KYLIN-658] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot find rowkey column XXX in cube CubeDesc
* [KYLIN-659] - Couldn't adjust the rowkey sequence when create cube
* [KYLIN-666] - Select float type column got class cast exception
* [KYLIN-681] - Failed to build dictionary if the rowkey's dictionary property is "date(yyyy-mm-dd)"
* [KYLIN-682] - Got "No aggregator for func 'MIN' and return type 'decimal(19,4)'" error when build cube
* [KYLIN-684] - Remove holistic distinct count and multiple column distinct count from sample cube
* [KYLIN-691] - update tomcat download address in download-tomcat.sh
* [KYLIN-696] - Dictionary couldn't recognize a value and throw IllegalArgumentException: "Not a valid value"
* [KYLIN-703] - UT failed due to unknown host issue
* [KYLIN-711] - UT failure in REST module
* [KYLIN-739] - Dimension as metrics does not work with PK-FK derived column
* [KYLIN-761] - Tables are not shown in the "Query" tab, and couldn't run SQL query after cube be built


* [KYLIN-168] - Installation fails if multiple ZK
* [KYLIN-182] - Validation Rule: columns used in Join condition should have same datatype
* [KYLIN-204] - Kylin web not works properly in IE
* [KYLIN-217] - Enhance coprocessor with endpoints 
* [KYLIN-251] - job engine refactoring
* [KYLIN-261] - derived column validate when create cube
* [KYLIN-317] - note: grunt.json need to be configured when add new javascript or css file
* [KYLIN-324] - Refactor metadata to support InvertedIndex
* [KYLIN-407] - Validation: There's should no Hive table column using "binary" data type
* [KYLIN-445] - Rename cube_desc/cube folder
* [KYLIN-452] - Automatically create local cluster for running tests
* [KYLIN-498] - Merge metadata tables 
* [KYLIN-532] - Refactor data model in kylin front end
* [KYLIN-539] - use hbase command to launch tomcat
* [KYLIN-542] - add project property feature for cube
* [KYLIN-553] - From cube instance, couldn't easily find the project instance that it belongs to
* [KYLIN-563] - Wrap kylin start and stop with a script 
* [KYLIN-567] - More flexible validation of new segments
* [KYLIN-569] - Support increment+merge job
* [KYLIN-578] - add more generic configuration for ssh
* [KYLIN-601] - Extract content from kylin.tgz to "kylin" folder
* [KYLIN-616] - Validation Rule: partition date column should be in dimension columns
* [KYLIN-634] - Script to import sample data and cube metadata
* [KYLIN-636] - wiki/On-Hadoop-CLI-installation is not up to date
* [KYLIN-637] - add start&end date for hbase info in cubeDesigner
* [KYLIN-714] - Add Apache RAT to pom.xml
* [KYLIN-753] - Make the dependency on hbase-common to "provided"
* [KYLIN-758] - Updating port forwarding issue Hadoop Installation on Hortonworks Sandbox.
* [KYLIN-779] - [UI] jump to cube list after create cube
* [KYLIN-796] - Add REST API to trigger storage cleanup/GC


* [KYLIN-608] - Distinct count for ii storage