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Overview of Kylin

Apache Kylin is a leading open source OLAP engine for Big Data capable for sub-second query latency on trillions of records. Since being created and open sourced by eBay in 2014, and graduated to Top Level Project of Apache Software Foundation in 2015, Kylin has quickly be adopted by thousands of organizations world widely as their critical analytics application for Big Data. Apache Kylin won Info Word Bossie Awards: The Best Open Source Big Data Tool in the year 2015 and 2016.

Kylin has following key strengths:

  • High Performance, Sub-second Query Latency
  • Unified Big Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Seamless Integration with BI tools
  • Comprehensive and Enterprise-ready Capabilities

Pull docker for learning

If we want to learn what new features did Kylin 5 provided, and you only have a laptop, we recommend you to pulling the docker image and check the standalone image in dockerhub .

docker pull apachekylin/apache-kylin-standalone:5.0.0