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Roadmap of Apache Kylin

Kylin 5.0.0

  • More flexible and enhanced data model
    • Allow adding new dimensions and measures to the existing data model
    • The model adapts to table schema changes while retaining the existing index at the best effort
    • Support last-mile data transformation using Computed Column
    • Support raw query (non-aggregation query) using Table Index
    • Support changing dimension table (SCD2)
  • Simplified metadata design
    • Merge DataModel and CubeDesc into new DataModel
    • Add DataFlow for more generic data sequence, e.g. streaming alike data flow
    • New metadata AuditLog for better cache synchronization
  • More flexible index management (was cuboid)
    • Add IndexPlan to support flexible index management
    • Add IndexEntity to support different index type
    • Add LayoutEntity to support different storage layouts of the same Index
  • Toward a native and vectorized query engine
    • Experiment: Integrate with a native execution engine, leveraging Gluten
    • Support async query
    • Enhance cost-based index optimizer
  • More
    • Build engine refactoring and performance optimization
    • New WEB UI based on Vue.js, a brand new front-end framework, to replace AngularJS
    • Smooth modeling process in one canvas

Kylin 5.1.0

  • Support deploying Kylin on K8S with micro-service architecture