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How to subscribe and unsubscribe mailing list

Mailing List Table

These are the mailing lists that have been established for the Kylin project. For each list, there is a subscribe, unsubscribe, and archive link.

Mailing ListSubscribe LinkUnsubscribe LinkArchive Link
usersubscribeunsubscribemail archive
devsubscribeunsubscribemail archive
issuesubscribeunsubscribemail archive

Subscribe mailing list

Step 1: Send subscription request

You click the Subscribe Link in the above table and send the simple request(it is ok to leave the title and body with a very short sentence) to the appropriate address.

Step 2: Receive confirmation reply from ezmlm

The mailing list management program, ezmlm, will send you a reply in 2-10 minutes, asking you to confirm your subscription.

Following is a successful case.

Step 3: Send a confirmation request by replying to the previous email

Reply to the previous email(it is ok to leave the title and body with a short sentence)

Step 4: ezmlm acknowledges your confirmation request

You will receive "Welcome to user/" in 2-10 minutes. From now, you have the right to send and receive mail from all subscribers of the current mailing list.

Following is a successful case.

Unsubscribe mailing list


This doc is rewrite based on apache mailing list doc.